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Controlling Decision Costs


  • What is Decision Cost Analysis?
    • DCA provides a model of the major cost categories of meetings and meeting metrics that help you realize your meeting investment
      • Cost Categories
        • Tangible meeting costs that may exist, no matter what
        • Intangible meeting costs that are generally overlooked or unknown
        • External Resource costs that generally add some value to a meeting process
      • Selected Metrics
        • Total Meeting Cost, Cost Per Participant, Cost Per Hour, Administrative Cost
        • Over/Under Budget, Travel Cost as % of Budget, Travel Cost as % of Total Cost
        • Return on Investment, Productivity Improvement, Revenue Icrease, Cost Removal
    • DCA helps you consider the effect of adding, increasing, removing or reducing specific meeting costs
      • Which cost items might increase or decrease productivity and why?
      • Which cost items might affect specifc cost categories and why?
      • Which costs could be eliminated without inhibiting or losing functionality and why?

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